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DST Undersize Grading Drum

The Undersize Grading Drum is for sorting tops/tails and pieces of carrots and baby carrots after cutting and/or polishing. Outputs of 500 kg/h. up to 15 tons/h are available.

  • Simple construction of the machine.
  • Manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Large selection of cup diameters.
  • Various drum diameters and lengths available.


The Undersize Grading Drum has a slightly inclined stainless steel cylinder fitted with plastic cups this drum rotates. The product glides over the inner wall to the drum out, small pieces of carrot are taken away in the cavity of the cups. After half a turn, they fall out of the cups onto a belt and are removed.

The diameter of the cups determines the size of the sorted product. A large grade range with openings from Ø 25 to Ø 80 is available.

The drum and the frame are made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with adjustable feet. Different drum diameters and lengths are available.

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