Dry Peeling Potatoes !

Knife Peeler

How high are your water & effluent peeling costs? we supply a range of knife peeling machines which produce dry waste. Here is our MS-Combi Potato Knife Peeler -Dry peeling waste-Low waste percentage-Low energy consumption-Smooth finish = longer shelf life-High quality blades 2000+ op/hrs-Higher yield than flatbed peelers-No flat peeled potatoes Please call us for … Read more

Two New Leaf Salad Lines Installed In Lancashire.

FPS UK Limited & Sormac were pleased to be chosen to supply the leaf salad processing lines for the new factory built by Len Wright Salads. Len Wright started growing various different vegetables on less than one hectare of land In the 1960s, But today, Len Wright Salads (LWS) is growing lettuce, tomatoes and sweet … Read more

Sormac SC 940 Next Gen Centrifuge

Centifuge SC - 940:Next Gen

SC-940NextGen: The Undisputed Number One Centrifuge For Leaf Salads May 2020 The SC-940NextGen – characterised by a dryer product, gentle handling and higher capacity – saves energy, is easier to clean, and has met with a very positive response. The machines are now up and running in many Salad Leaf processors factories across the world. … Read more

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