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Turboidrex is an automatic vegetable washer with spin-dryer, designed for restaurants, hotels and small institutions, but also ideal for greengrocers and delicatessens. It features an exclusive, patented washing system that reduces the bacterial load of fresh vegetables by more than 90% – and since it is universal, it can also wash fruit, meat and fish. Turboidrex uses the exclusive, effective, adjustable whirlpool washing system (which can be set to be gentle with lettuce, intensive on carrots). The vegetables are rotated immersed in the water for easy removal of all dirt, which passes through the holes in the sides and bottom of the drum to the drain. User-friendly and completely automated, Turboidrex professional vegetable washers are the ideal partner for every kitchen, and are able to generate considerable labour savings and low water consumption. The washing cycle, which processes 4 kg of leaf vegetables or 15 kg of heavy vegetables or other foods, is completed in 3 minutes and the integral spin-dryer washes the vegetables in just 1 minute, also allowing significant savings.

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