USM-S60 Onion Peeler

The USM-S60 Onion Peeler USM – S60 can peel onions with a diameter of 55 – 120 mm.

  • Perfect peeling quality.
  • Complete dry peeling.
  • Low noise level.
  • High yield.
  • Hygienic design.
  • Low energy and air consumption


The USM-S60 Onion peeler is equipped with a small storage bin in which the unpeeled onions are placed.

The operator takes the onions out of this hopper and puts them one by one in the right horizontal position in the conveying section. From this point the onions are transported for further processing. The rotating knives top and tail the onions and the cutting arms make a horizontal cut around the onions. At the end of the conveying section the onions are picked up with a double holding-arm system with rotating holders. This arm is fitted on a rotating structure.

During the rotating movement the onion spins around its own axis, whereby a cut over the complete circumference is made. The depth of the cut is adjustable. During the cutting air is blown into the cut to remove the skin.For adapting the machine to different onion diameters several adjustments are provided. These can mostly be made from outside, even during operation, by means of a hand wheel.

The capacity of the machine is 60 onions per minute. By means of the frequency converter the speed can by easily reduced.

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