Pulstar Salad Washer

The Salad Washer is suitable for washing all kind of leaf products that are buoyant / Semi buoyant .

  • Peristaltic system.
  • Laminar water flow.
  • Small particle separator.
  • Water bypass.


The Pulstar washer has an integrated air injection system, enabling a thorough cleaning without damaging the product. The quantity of air can be adjusted.  The air injection system is divided into two sections, which operate alternatively.

The variable water flow of the frequency driven circulation pump in combination with the air injection switch/change frequency ensures that the product is transported through the washer and that the dwell time in the washer can be controlled.

Peristaltic system, The product is immersed and cleaned thoroughly without mechanical contact. The peristaltic system also ensures a controlled dwell time.

Laminar water flow, Effectively separates sand particles from the product. The conical design of the washer collects and removes the soiling centrally.

Small particle separator, The combination of the adjustable air injection system and separator removes insects and other small floating particles from the product flow.

Water bypass, Creates a higher resistance at the outfeed, allowing a longer dwell time in the washer.

Capacity – Up to 4.000 kg/h (8,800 lbs/h) can be reached.

Options for standard machine,

• water bypass
• peristaltic system
• fly catcher
• rotating sieve in collection tank
• automatic filling and draining
• waterfall
• spraybars above washer
• hinged fans for cleaning access
• air pipes with CIP
• cooling spiral in collection tank
• control panel with frequency inverters
• outfeed belt or de-watering belt

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