Sormac SC 940 Next Gen Centrifuge

SC-940NextGen: The Undisputed Number One Centrifuge For Leaf Salads

The SC-940NextGen – characterised by a dryer product, gentle handling and higher capacity – saves energy, is easier to clean, and has met with a very positive response. The machines are now up and running in many Salad Leaf processors factories across the world. The SC-940NextGen is a further development of the current SC Range of centrifuge for drying leaf salads. These centrifuges, which have been marketed for more than fifteen years, have more than proven their worth. But some time ago, the market started to ask for a centrifuge with higher capacity and that could deliver a product that was even dryer. This formed the basis for the development of the SC-940NextGen. The renewed version of the SC-940 centrifuge is suitable for most kinds of salad leaf and is ideal for delicate leaf.
  • Higher capacity
    The introduction of new motors has enabled the machine to accelerate and decelerate faster and run at a higher speed. This has resulted in a shorter and more efficient cycle with dryer product, thus increasing the production capacity.
  • Energy savings
    The energy released while decelerating the drum is fed back into the grid. In practice, this enables energy savings of up to 20%.
  • Better hygiene, easy cleaning
    The open design and improved accessibility has made the machine easier to maintain and to clean.
  • Unbalance control
    The risk of unbalance is inherent in all centrifuges. The SC-940NextGen has a patented unbalance control system that detects unbalance in good time and corrects it, leading to uniform drying results.
  • Simple construction
    The simple configuration and robust drive with magnetic bearing support ensure reliable operation. The smooth interior of the drum and the absence of a central shaft minimise the risk of the product being damaged.

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