AFW-DB Automatic Weighing Machine

This machine uses a slide chain conveyor system.

The holding content of this bunker is 200 to 250 kg potatoes.

Manually and automatic operation.
Ease of access for maintenance.
Simple operation through touchscreen.
Very robust.
Hygienic design.




The AFW-40DB Automatic Weighing Machine  can be supplied with a wet surge hopper. This machine is executed with a slide chain conveyor system. The holding content of this bunker is 200 to 250 kg potatoes.

The electrical panel incorporates the illuminated weight parameters which are variable and the operational functions are indicated on the touchscreen.
In addition, the following adjustments are possible via the function keys:
> automatic tareing after a set number of weights;
> creating own recipes.
The product being weighed is elevated by the modular feeding belt to the weighing hopper. When the pre-programmed weight is
entered, the elevator belt delivers the product at a pre-set speed filling the weighing hopper to a pre-determined weight which is set by the operator. When the pre-set weight is within (± 5% adjustable) the belt speed automatically slows down to a top up speed delivering a very accurate weight into the holding hopper, dramatically reducing give away.

When the required set weight is reached the contents of the weighing hopper can be discharged by the manual activation of an adjacent toggle switch. After discharging the weighing hopper is filled again and the cycle is repeated.
The maximum content of the weighing hopper is 25 litres (approx. 15 kg of potatoes). The weighing machine is equipped with a removable filling chute and a support platform which can be adjusted in height.

Depending on the product diameter, the filling weight and type of weighing (batch weighing or lot weighing (e.g. boxes) approx. 1.200 – 1.800 kg/hr




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Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Vegetables, Fruit








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